In 2018, Dundee Pride was supported by various businesses.  Support ranged from hosting monthly planning meetings; cash sponsorship; and providing a workforce to volunteer on the day.  We are once again looking to work with businesses as we plan an even bigger Dundee Pride event for 2019.  We would love to hear from businesses and cultural organisations who might be interested in developing a relationship with us.  This could involve: 

  • Staging an LGBTQ focused event in your theatre, bar or event space,
  • Programming some LGBTQ films in your cinema,
  • LGBTQ focused exhibits in your gallery space,  
  • a pre or after event party in your bar, 
  • host one of the many LGBTQ creatives in the city at your venue to do a talk about their work,
  • Host a Pride inspired brunch menu in your cafe or restaurant,
  • Create a Pride cocktail for your bar,
  • Sponsor the Dundee Pride 2019 event itself, 
  • Help us with some marketing support to get the word out about the city-wideDundee Pride 2019 programme, 
  • Encourage your staff to volunteer with Dundee Pride,
  • Become a trader and hire a stall at the Dundee Pride 2019 event. 
  • or indeed anything else you would like to do.  

We are looking to establish a Partnerships and Programming Network in 2019 to explore how to connect with businesses and cultural partners and we invite you to join us for the next event as advertised below: 


Should you be interested, or would like further information, please contact:

Tommy Small
Co-Chair of Dundee Pride