Joe FitzPatrick is a local boy, done good. He went to primary school and high school  in Whitfield before going on to Inverness College and Abertay University. At college he got into student politics and was given responsibility for LGBT issues when he was on the National Executive of National Union of Students  (Scotland). He is the Scottish Government’s Minister of for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing.  He is living proof that you can be openly LGBT and thrive in politics in Scotland. We are thrilled that he is opening Pride.

Jeremy Auld is a minister of a different kind! He is the provost of St Paul’s Cathedral in Dundee.  He has been at the Cathedral for nearly 9 years now and the Cathedral has been an inclusive and welcoming church for LGBT people for quite some time. The Cathedral community, in fact, celebrates all of humanity and LGBT people are part of that community.  Jeremy has been a key supporter of LGBT people in Dundee.

Lynne Short is the Convener of the City Development Committee in Dundee City Council, but within the Dundee Pride Board we know her as a chief supporter of all things Pride. Lynne has quietly gone about making connections for us and supporting our efforts to bring about Dundee Pride 2018. She has a passion for the City of Dundee and describes the city as a “wonderfully diverse and accepting place.”  Having people like Lynne in local government helps make it so. Allies are key to the fight to end oppression of LGBT+ people.

Lisamarie Cohen, who identifies as queer and prefers the pronouns they/she, was born and raised in Dundee. As a young person Lisamarie left Dundee for London and Brighton, partly to be able to live an authentic life and be themself. However, Lisamarie felt the call of home and they returned to Dundee. Lisamarie is amazed at how much more inclusive the city is and is committed to helping the city become even more diverse, accepting and free from oppression. Lisamarie’s closing speech will be a personal perspective on Dundee Pride.